Westport, CT

Home Design Services for Westport, CT

Green Farms is the oldest neighborhood in the town of Westport, CT. In 1648, the town of Fairfield officially gifted the Bankside Farmers, a group of five farmers, the permission to settle and farm the land where the Pequot people were living. After purchasing the land from the Pequot people, the group built up the area to be a neighborhood that people aspired to live in. Spanning from Hillspoint Road to Post Road, the neighborhood is filled with established history that should be celebrated and remembered.

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If your home in located within the Green Farms or the Westport, CT area and you're looking for home design services to showcase the historic nature of the neighborhood, Susan Tracy's House Whisperers is the company to call! We are proud of the history contained in the area and we would love nothing more than to come showcase or compliment it in your home's interior. If you're selling your home in Westport, CT, our home staging services can help draw potential buyers to your home using inspiration from the rich history of the area. Whether you are looking for home design or home staging services in Westport, CT, give us a call today!

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